13 Reasons Why You are Losing Your Hair

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It is true, a man lose more more their hair than a woman, mostly because of male pattern baldness. However hair thinning and hair loss are also very common among women. Reasons range from a temporary and simple condition like some vitamins deficiency to more complex condition, like an sever health condition. There are many ways to treat hair loss in both male and female. The treatment ways depend on the cause of hair fall. Here are some common causes of hair loss.

Physical stress:

Some kind of a physical trauma, surgery, an accident or some severe illness can cause temporary hair fall. This can cause a type of hair loss known as “telogen effluvium”. Hair loss is usually  becomes noticeable 3 to 6 months after the trauma.

This kind of hair loss is not permanent. Hair start growing back when your body recovers.


Pregnancy is an example of type of physical stress which may cause hair loss. Pregnancy related hair fall is seen more commonly after delivery of baby not during pregnancy.

This type of hair loss do not persist for long and hair start growing back in couple of months.

Too much vitamin A:

Taking high dosage of vitamin A through supplements or medications causes hair loss. Daily Value of vitamin A is 5,000 IU per day for adults. If your are losing your hair due to extra vitamin A, then lessen your vitamin A intake and your hair will be back.

Lack of protein:

If you do not take enough protein through your diet, your body will ration protein by stopping hair growth. This happens after 2 to 3 of drop in protein intake.

Start taking higher protein through your diet. Eat foods that are rich in protein. Your loss of hair will be stopped.

Male pattern baldness:

Two men out of three experience hair loss after age of 60 and mostly it is due to the male pattern baldness. This hair loss is caused by combo of genes and male sex hormones.

There are certain medications in form of creams, oils and oral medicines that help reduce male pattern baldness.


Heredity is one of the main reason of hair fall.Female hair loss, called “androgenetic alopecia”, and male pattern baldness due to heredity is very hard to treat. However many medications are available to treat or to at least maintain the hair health.

Female hormones:

Just like pregnancy, hormone changes may cause hair loss. This may also cause “telogen effluvium” and this can be more likely if one have a family history of hair loss. If a are facing hair loss and you think it’s due to some kind of hormonal changes, go and talk to your doctor. He will check and treat your problem.

Emotional stress:

Emotional stress is very less likely to cause hair fall as physical stress does, but it may happen, in case of divorce, or after death of some loved one, or may be during caring for aging parents. Reduce stress from your mind , do mediation. Your hair are back:)


About one out of 10 women between 20, which is an cause of hair loss. This type of hair loss can be fixed easily. Your doctor will do a blood test to determine if you have anemia. An iron supplement can reduce anemia and hair loss too.


Underactive thyroid gland also called Hypothyroidism. This is little gland, that is located in neck, produces hormones that are critical to metabolism and growth and development, it can also contribute to hair loss. Doctor do tests to determine real cause.


It is very common to see hair thinning and loss of the hair in men and women as they age 50 to and 60.

Over styling:

Styling your hair too much can cause hair to fall. Examples of overstyling includes tight braids, chemical relaxers or hot oil treatments. Because these practices actually affect the hair root and your hair might not grow back.

Vitamin Deficiency:

There are certain vitamins and minerals that contribute to hair growth. For example, Iron, Vitamin B deficiencies can cause hair loss in both genders.

To treat hair loss due to deficiency of these vitamins certain medications are available that make hair to grow faster and stronger. For Example, Hairfinity hair pills are very effective in hair fall. These Vitamin increase growth of hair and make them shiner. You can read complete hairfinity reviews here.